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  1. 250r Help Desk
    Hello, We are pleased to announce we will be implementing a new method to send out site newsletters. The new newsletter will have a cleaner template and will be sent to participating forum members once a week. We have added an example below of how it will look. This change will not have any...
  2. Off Topic
    anyone have any good FREE adult websites, i use pornhub & youporn. any other one's out there that r good, hopefully i don't get into shit for this post lol:naughty2
  3. Introduction
    but not to motorcycling, 45 yrs of riding. just picked up my 2nd EX250. bought a 03 few yrs ago, rebuilt engine & sold it recently. then a 07 popped up on CL & i picked it up for $350. no upper or lower fairings & bad engine. but i have another rebuilt 05 engine on the shelf that is ready for...
  4. Off Topic
    http://textastrophe.com/ if you enjoy a good prank call, you'll love this This guys basically punishes people for putting their phone numbers on their craigslist ads. Inspiringly funny
  5. Introduction
    What is the deal with that site? Why are there so many haters and d-bags on that forum?
  6. The New Ninja 250
    http://www.kawasaki.com/Products/Detail.aspx?id=359 Look at the curb weight, 374lbs??? That has got to be incorrect. As far as colors, Metallic Diablo Black, Sunbeam Red, Candy Thunder Blue, Special Edition Lime Green / Metallic Diablo Black. It looks like same colors, just different shade...
1-6 of 14 Results