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  1. Modifications
    I just got mine today and didn't want a shorter shock. I removed the clevis from the 250 shock, shortened the sides of the 600 shock's clevis, tapped it into place(fit perfect into 600 clevis), then arc welded them together and it fit nicely. The shock is an '89 but when I checked the oil it was...
  2. Maintenance
    I need to my rear shock which has leaked out all of its hydronic fluid. I called the only licenced kawasaki shop in my area and was told the part was $500. A friend told myself of a comprible alt sold by bronco, but which is really a atv shock. I tried to purchase the part that looked identical...
  3. General
    I know where the pre-loaded shock adjustment tool should be located on the bike(under the rear seat) and its not there and the previous owner didn't have it either so i have to get a new one. i know how it works and such but the only question i have is Where can i buy the shock adjustment tool...
  4. Technical
    I'm doing the upgrade and the one I got has a broken adjustment knob. My questions are, is this big deal, and what does it adjust?
  5. Technical
    Hello guys, I have just got back from an MOT and the rear shock on my 09 250 is seized! (bike only has 13k miles on it!) got a quote of £600 to fix it... I have had a look on ebay and can pick up a good condition second hand shock for £70. I am thinking of having a go myself I have some...
  6. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Gotta swing arm for sale. Need to clean my garage. Only 636 miles. OBO Giy some other parts laying ar ound too
  7. Modifications
    Anybody ever replaced the rear shock with one from a sv650?
  8. Modifications
    In the March '09 issue of Sport Rider, there is a really nice article about 250 racing. In the article, they talk about how one racer modified his stock rear shock by adding a piggy back reservoir. This allowed him to adjust rebound and compression damping. However they didn't really go into...
  9. Modifications
    Where do I mount the external reservoir? It came with 2 radiator style hose clamps about 2" in diameter and some zip ties. It also came with 2 identical rubber pieces. One side has the curvature of the reservoir the other side has the curvature of a 5/8" pipe or so. Any input or advice...
1-9 of 10 Results