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  1. Modifications
    I have a 2009 Ninja 250r and on the left side where my gear shifter it is at the same height or level as the foot rest for my left foot. It is kind of uncomfortable to shift up and down with it because I really need to pull up to shift up and have to move my foot a lot to down shift. My buddy...
  2. Technical
    A bit different from the thread below me, haven't seen anything like it. I was riding in the fog and someone pulled out in front of me, locked up the brakes and went down. I had frame sliders on, however the shifter still caught the ground and managed to bend ALL the way back until it hit the...
  3. Technical
    Good evening readers, A few days ago I had ridden about 40 minutes from home, and the bolt from my shifter fell off. I didn't know what it was, until I'd ridden the last few miles in 1st and could park. I picked up an M8-1.25x35mm bolt, and tried to put it in today. It fit well, and enabled me...
1-3 of 3 Results