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  1. News
    Read more about the Wheels Of Justice: San Diego Woman Gets Six Years In Death Of Motorcyclist at Motorcycle.com.
  2. General
    What's up ! Got my 2010 - 250 a few weeks ago ! Just looking for a few cool guys to ride with ?
  3. General
    Next weekend I'm going to San Antonio was just seeing If anyone wanted to meet up on fri after 2 pm Sent from Motorcycle.com App
  4. Pacific
    Hey guys, I have this weird noise that comes from my bike when i'm riding in low speeds or if i have my clutch pulled in and i'm rolling to a stop at a red light. I have no way of recording the sound and I have no idea what/where the noise is coming from. If someone in San Diego is free over...
  5. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Hey guys, I'm about to get a tax return soon and I wanted to spend it on a Ninja 250. I am looking for a nice looking Ninja 250 around San Diego/ So Cal area. I want an 08+ model. Color does not matter. Stock or modified is fine. If the bike has been laid down and the damage is only cosmetic...
  6. Introduction
    Just bought my wife her first bike a 2012. I have taken the bike out a few times to break it in for her and its a fun little machine. We live just north of San Diego and I plan on taking her out more and more. I normally ride a Triumph Daytona 675 but will be riding the ninja from time to time.
  7. Pacific
    Besides the fact I have no tools since I moved from San Antonio to San Francisco I also have no bike knowledge and was looking for someone to help me take off my wheels and paint them. I just recently bought a Ninja 250R and the wheels are painting white and just look dirty and i would like to...
  8. Introduction
    New owner in San Franicsco Well I found this 08 Ninja and decided to ask owner if he wanted a Miata as a trade, luckily he did... Here is my new bike My old Miata and new bike :) And here is my car
  9. South West
    I stay in Converse, TX and wouldn't mind getting together with other riders in the area (Austin/Houston). If you're interested let me know and we'll make something work.
  10. Introduction
    Hey I'm Christie. Got my ninja for a stealer deal and have been riding for awhile. About to do my first oil change on her, then put some demon sport pirelli rubbers on soon. how is everyone?
  11. Introduction
    Hey guys/gals, just got my new 2009 Kawi 250r and wanted to drop a line. I am totally new to Motorcycles and I am in the midst of my Basic rider course which is helping me a lot. Any body here from Diego? :righton
  12. Introduction
    Just thought I'd poke in and say hey. Just got a '03 250 from my dad that I'm working on fixing up. Maybe when I get some of the issues worked out I'll get a chance to go riding with some of you!
  13. New Riders
    Hey guys, I just started riding a few months ago. My dad sold me his old 2003 Ninja 250 on the cheap after my old truck died. Reason he parted with it on the cheap though is because it hasn't been taken care of super well. I'm sure it needs some sort of maintenance. First off I think the...
  14. New Riders
    Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum but not new to riding. Does anyone ride in San Diego...primarily the canyons thru old 94 to Dulzura & Tacate or thru Lyons Valley...etc. I want to get a group ride going or 2-3 people. I go to Golden Acorn Casino for breakfast almost every weekend & would enjoy...
1-14 of 14 Results