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  1. General
    Hi I'm brand new to these forums; I bought my 09 250r about a month ago with 15,500 mi. I began noticing the bike's RPMs fluctuating about 250 RPM at idle (the needle is not steady, the engine kinda lobes). When I've been running it for 10 mins or so its right around 1250 - 2000 rpms at idle...
  2. Technical
    i bought a 07 ex250 with 15k miles and the bike idles at 3k+ rpms. i turned the idle screw out and the bike will go from 3K to dying when i turn the screw an 1/8th of a turn. i have cleaned out the carbs and reinstalled them and checked for air leaks by spraying starting fluid. no leaks. all...
  3. Technical
    Hi all. Iam facing a small issue with my 2009 250r. Off late, she has started vibrating when ever I pull over 9k RPM. Its a noticeable difference which can be felt all over three foot pegs, handle bars and some of the cowling to. I took it to the Kawasaki service guys but they could not figure...
1-3 of 3 Results