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  1. New Riders
    I just got my first bike which is predictably a 2006 ninja 250. I got it with 1580 on the odometer and currently it has 2900 miles on it. I am thinking about riding it to new hampshire and maine just because I have never been to those states before. What do you guys think about a new rider going...
  2. South West
    Going to Lubbock from Austin would love some fellow riders 4 the ride, taking hwy 71 to hwy 87. riding green '11 bike following blue car ( my wife & kids ) around 10 pm is when my journey begins. Oh shit I forgot 2 say it's the green special edition 1 We raise hell bitch!!!
  3. General
    Hey, wanted to give the 250r community heads up that there is a movement to bring a 250r racing class to the CCS Florida region. There are a few riders who have already purchased 250r's and are doing track day / race day testing in hopes of running the class in 2012 forward. please see...
  4. The New Ninja 250
    I stayed away from all forums because it was just too painful of a reminder that I was not riding for awhile. Now that I will be in August, I'm BACK!!! Amazingly enough, the bike still starts. (2008 Red ninjette) It has not officially been ridden since last year. The only thing I did was put...
  5. General
    Hey guys, got a quick question! Can any body tell me what brand of tires does 2009 250 come with cuz mine says road runner? I never even heard of this company. Do all Kawi 250r's come with road runner? Are they any good? I don't race or any thing but I wanted to make sure if they have good...
  6. Pacific
    Canceled due to weather report
  7. General
    I have an appt. Schedule for 1/2/09 at the DMV for my behind the wheel test.Can anyone give me some pointers re: the test.Circle, Cones ect...:biggrin2 Thanks...
  8. General
    How long can the 250 go @ 80 mph before it needs a break? I was planning on heading down to Key West (754 miles round trip) It'll be a one day thing and i know my can and chicken bag are going to be hurting but how will the ninja fair?
1-8 of 11 Results