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    If you are a beginner and aren’t sure what to wear to feel comfortable and stay protected in different situations and weather conditions, you may be interested in reading our article covering the process of choosing riding garments. Click the link below to read about motorcycle jackets, pants...
    If you just bought your first bike, and even if you have been riding for years, you might be interested in watching a video guide on how to choose the perfect helmet that would sit on your head comfortably and fit your riding style best. Our in-house tech and gear expert Greg created this clip...
    Some riders prefer the brave the cold and continue riding the motorcycle in winter rather than park it for the off-season and drive a car or truck instead. But riding in cold weather without proper protection is not only unpleasant but also unsafe. Due to cold, your body limits the circulation...
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  5. The New Ninja 250
    Hey, I am Mark, and I just started riding 4 months ago. Would love for you to take a look at my YouTube if you love the baby ninja, or have considered getting one yourself! //Ninja Husky
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  7. Technical
    Hey Guys, I'm a fairly new rider and recently bought 09 Ninja 250. The bike has about 785 miles which most likely mean that it sat in a garage for awhile. It rides fine at first but usually after 30 mins, especially in city driving, where I have to use first gear a lot it tends to lose...
  8. The New Ninja 250
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCiDYA6wsdo Ninja 250r at night with my luggage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW384O1exao My friend Bryan's bad luck dodge challenger
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  10. The New Ninja 250
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGR9pjXmi0g Just a fun little motovlog cheers everyone
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  12. Introduction
    After what I feel was sufficient research, haha....I have purchased a 2006 black ninja 250 and will be taking my MSF course within a week. Just tired of riding on the back of my boyfriend's bike, it was time for me to get my own. The 250 seemed to be the logical choice... as a female around 125...
  13. General
    OK now I've been riding for about 2 years now and just wondering how comfortable everyone is riding with a passenger? I never have and my girls been bugging me to take her for a ride.. Is it weird that I'm nervous about it? Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  14. Off Topic
    I just went out for a ride, was about 25 miles in and at this light the bike was ideling above 2000 which is high it's usually right below, it was raining I was about to go up this hill and the bike stalled in 3rd, the oil light came on, it wouldn't start up right away, I checked my gas, so when...
  15. The New Ninja 250
    Thought I'd share some video footage of a couple rides on my Ninja 250 via GoPro mounted to my front cowl. Last weekend I did a solo ride on South Mountain here in Phoenix, AZ. http://youtu.be/wwPJB0Pn078 In this video my friend took me on "Rattlesnake Road" at Bartlett Lake recreation area...
  16. General
    This is no lie... On my old FZ750, after working at a practice on Saturday and a race on Sunday (motocross) I was heading home southbound HWY 99 and fell asleep on my FZ doing 75mph....for about 4 miles!! (It was the stretch right before Chowchilla, where there are about 12 cross streets...
1-16 of 49 Results