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    Many riders living in a relatively mild climate choose not to winterize their bikes and switch to cars or trucks for the off-season. They prefer to continue riding even when the temperature drops below 30 degrees and lower. To stay safe and comfortable when riding in cold-weather conditions, we...
  2. News
    Read more about the Top 10 Things That Go Wrong On Group Rides at Motorcycle.com.
  3. Pacific
    Hey hey! I'm on Oahu if anyone wants to go for a ride sometime!
  4. North East
    Anyone know of any Halloween Rides coming up in Nj or Pa?
  5. New Riders
    Hey guys, just looking for some people to ride with. I am in the Franklin/Brentwood area :righton Cheers.
  6. New Riders
    Hi I just an 04 ninja 250r last summer and I was planning on doing a couple long distance rides (at least for me haha) that will be around 6 hours going around 70-75 mph. Would this be too hard on the bikes engine? Im just not sure if this is pushing it too far. The bikes in great shape and...
  7. Classic Ninja 250
    Hi I got a 2004 ninja 250r last summer in great condition and was just curious as to if the bike can be ran for a long period of time. Im planning on visiting family this summer who live about 6 hours away. Can my bike run this long in one day without damaging it? I plan on cruising around 70 to...
  8. New Riders
    i was just wondering if anyone had any problems when riding for long distances? being that the bike is carb'd and what not i just wanted to see how long rides were. any info would be great.
1-8 of 10 Results