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  1. Introduction
    What's up everyone, I'm Remy and I'm a new rider from Denver. I've always wanted to ride and last September I took my MSF class and got mt license. Due to family related expenses buying a bike was not in the cards last year but just this past weekend I finally picked up my first bike! It's a...
  2. Introduction
    Hey, I am Mark, and I just started riding 4 months ago. Would love for you to take a look at my YouTube if you love the baby ninja! //Ninja Husky/Mark
  3. New Riders
    So I'm in the process of purchasing a 2008 Kawasaki ninja 250, went down yesterday and she checked out. Beautiful bike. Now I'm wondering if I could get some basic rider tips when it comes to the 250. As well as some recommendations regarding gear for those on a tight budget. I'd like to go full...
  4. New Riders
    Hello, I am a new rider of the 250 as I bought a 2009 for my girlfriend who is just going through the learning process. I have owned a suzuki cruiser before but never a sport bike. My question is, what rpm's do you notice when you're cruising a long at 70mph/110kmh? I noticed mine was up...
  5. Introduction
    Hello all. Just passed the MSF Basic course this weekend and got myself a 2010 250. Looking forward to some good times riding around. I did notice after a quick ride around town (and even when the bike is sitting idling for a few minutes) there is a burning smell coming from the front end of...
  6. General
    What's up ! Got my 2010 - 250 a few weeks ago ! Just looking for a few cool guys to ride with ?
  7. Introduction
    Hey everyone! New rider here. I found myself a 2009 Ninja 2500 with 7000 miles, new fairings, and a two brothers exhaust. Anyone else in the Austin area?
  8. Introduction
    Hello, just introducing myself. I'm a new rider and joined this forum in hopes of learning and finding answers to most questions I may have in the future. I also wish to share in the camaraderie of riding itself. I just bought a 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R with 2500 miles. I've taken the CMSP...
  9. Introduction
    Hello my fellow riders! Im new to this forum. I currently live in mid city los angeles.. I usually ride solo but I'm looking to meet new friends to ride with that are truly about the ride or die life!
  10. Introduction
    Hey guys, just got my new bike about a month ago. Was looking for a good place for information and I found it! Looking forward to seeing what I can find and learn. Here is my 2012 250R with only 1200 miles on it and never been dropped
  11. Introduction
    Whats up guys, I just bought a ninja 250r about a week ago. It is my first bike, and I have already dropped it twice :nono2. I already need to replace pretty much all my fairings, my windshield, both front turn signals, both rear view mirrors and some other cosmetic stuff, needless to say I am...
  12. New Riders
    Well I'm pretty much convinced I want to purchase a bike it's been a long time dream of mine... but being a girl and a little on the shorter side, I have some concerns. I am 5'2 so I'm curious as to how hard it will be for me to keep the bike up if I'm on my toes. Ive been around riders my...
  13. Introduction
    I passed the MSC in April and put a down payment on an '09 at a local shop. Unfortunately, the mechanic at the shop never made the agreed upon repairs, so I took the bike as-is. I plan to make repairs myself starting with installing a carb and battery. I have a few questions. What is the best...
  14. New Riders
    Hello ... I am a new rider and was hoping to meet friends in the Sacramento area to ride with.. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...
  15. Pacific
    Hello... I am a new rider and am looking for new friends to ride with.. I live in the Sacramento area .. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated..
  16. Introduction
    Hey guys looking from someone to possibly ride with. Started riding this year. Bought a 2005 Ninja 250r. I used to ride motocross when I was younger so everything came pretty naturally to me. Not sure if I'm a fan of crotch rockets yet or not. Seats aren't too comfy after about an hour of...
  17. Introduction
    hey everybody, new rider age 21 coming straight out of south florida! glad to be a part of your community!
  18. New Riders
    Hey everyone! I'm a new rider....just been riding about two months, tho since it is my only means of getting around, I am on that bike every day, and it still doesn't get old. I am loving. Childhood dream has come true! :woot I'm also new to forums in general, and honestly I probably never would...
  19. Introduction
    Hey guys! Just bought my first bike last night. A 2004 Ninja 250 with about 18k miles on it. Googled around for a good forum with 250/new riders as myself and stumbled upon 250R.net. A bit about me: I'm 19, very outgoing, and looking to gain knowledge and make friends on here.
  20. Technical
    I just bought a second hand 2012 Ninja 250, my RPM is at 9000 while i running at 120km/h, is it normal? Thank you.
1-20 of 118 Results