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    Read more about Rule #57: Do Not Ride Behind Morons at Motorcycle.com.
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  4. The New Ninja 250
    Okay guys, there's a bit of backstory to this, please bear with me. When I came home from Afghanistan in 2010, my wife REALLY wanted a bike, and she picked out the 2010 250. I knew very little about motorcycles and while I'm a quick learner and have the potential to be mechanically inclined, I...
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  6. Pacific
    Is there anyone within 50-60 miles of the Portland metro area that is interested in getting into group rides?:righton
  7. New Riders
    Hey I'm Matt just bought 2009 ninja 250r. Lookin for a licensed class 6 rider in edmonton canada to ride with would like to practice with someone who doesn't mind new riders. I've taken the motorcycle training course by The Edge. Learned lots of useful skills just need someone to practice with...
  8. New Riders
    Hey guys, just looking for some people to ride with. I am in the Franklin/Brentwood area :righton Cheers.
  9. South East
    Hey guys, just looking for some people to ride with. I am in the Franklin/Brentwood area. :righton Cheers.
  10. Kawasaki Ninja 250R News and Reviews
    This fall I was invited to ride a newly created motorcycle route in the Explorers' Edge region of Ontario, Canada, with three other riders. There's little better than a long beautiful route with great riding compadres. Showing up to a group ride where you don't know someone's riding style...
  11. Classic Ninja 250
    Noticed this right when I got to work work today. I need to be able to ride this home about 8 miles so I can get it into a shop to be fixed on Tuesday. Will I be okay? Any quick fixes? Here's a pic Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  12. Pacific
    Took this snap shot today during my practice ride. Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  13. New Riders
    So after taking the MSF course and learning from my husband the basics of how to ride a bike I decided I was confident enough to ride to work for the first time by myself. All went well until I made a quick stop at the post office on my way to work. It was a little cold out so by the time I was...
  14. New Riders
    Hi, I'm Austin im 25 and my wife and I live in the St. Louis Area and looking for some new riding buddies. We both have Cbr 250r's Mine is black with mods. My wifes is Red and Silver stock. Thanks
  15. General
    so the weather finally gave me one beautiful day day to ride and jade to move my sister to another city in pa they wanted me to load the U-Haul and then I was free hahaha not the case they begged me to go to Wilkesberrie pa to unload the truck so I said ok I will just ride my bike wanting to...
  16. General
    Group motorcycle riding is a great experience when common sense, respect for other riders, and safety prevail. Please review these riding rules and tips for your personal and group riding safety. Do not mix alcohol and motorcycle riding at anytime, especially when riding in a group. No...
  17. General
    If you are looking for great places to ride here are a few maps designed for bikers showing some the best roads in the U.S., Ontario, Canada, and Australia. http://www.motorcycleroads.us/index.html http://bikeroads.atspace.com/...
  18. Mid West
    So i am also on a couple other forums and had put this on there im planning on trying to put together a ride on June 8 2013. I got other riders that are gonna come so i thought i would see if there is anyone on here that would like to take part in it.
  19. South West
  20. New Riders
    What do u recommend for riding around downtown and on the freeway ...?