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    You don’t want to ride without your mirrors even if your state or territory laws don’t make them mandatory on street-legal bikes. Even if you take your motorcycle to race on the track, it’s always good to know what is going on behind you without the need to turn your head and be distracted from...
  2. The New Ninja 250
    HI Everyone, I need suggestions on affordable after market wheels for my 2008 Ninja 250. Current tires and wheels: Front tire Battlax S20 110/70 17"H54 Front Wheel 17" X 3" and Rear Tire Battlax 150/60 17" H66, Rear Wheel 17" X 4.5. Thank You
  3. Technical
    Hi, I recently had a tony a code to and ended up breaking the gear shift pedal on my 2006 ninja 250. I was wondering if I can replace the pedal with an 08 part or do I HAVE to get a pre 08 pedal to replace. Thanks!
  4. Technical
    Bought a beat up 2000 ninja 250r I'm rebuilding. Was missing lower and all the bolts. Upper and lower. Was looking up fairing bolts kits but not trying to put a lot of money in it. I got Fastenal, home depot, and other hardware stores close. Can I use bolts from them, or does ninja's have...
  5. Technical
    Hello guys, I have just got back from an MOT and the rear shock on my 09 250 is seized! (bike only has 13k miles on it!) got a quote of £600 to fix it... I have had a look on ebay and can pick up a good condition second hand shock for £70. I am thinking of having a go myself I have some...
  6. Maintenance
    I have a 2008 250R and the last dash/gauge light has finally burned out. The first one went out over a year back. I have found that 194 bulbs are the replacements. How many does it take? Indicators are fine, its just the illuminators for the Tach, speedo, and fuel gages. I also found at...
  7. Classic Ninja 250
    Does anyone know if the upper fairing is the same for about 2000 to 2007. Bought a lightly crashed 2007 that needs an upper fairing (along with a few other things). Is seems pretty difficult to find a 2007 exactly although ebay has several listed that are not 2007 models.
  8. The New Ninja 250
    I'm in need of replacing my right fairing ASAP. I went hunting on ebay and couldn't come across anything other than full kits, which i don't need. It's a 2009 in black. Any suggestions?
  9. Technical
    my bulb has gone how do i strip it should i remove the unit from underneath the pillion seat or can it be wedged out?
  10. Modifications
    Anybody ever replaced the rear shock with one from a sv650?
  11. Maintenance
    Can't find the front brake pads anywhere locally not even the aftermarket ones. I tried Chapparal Motorsports, Corona Motorsports, Hahm, and Cyclegear. Even sellers online don't have them. Any ideas where I can get it fast or locally in stock.
1-11 of 11 Results