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    The Hotbodies Racing brand was established in 2001 by Roger Davis, a racing enthusiast who was shocked by the high prices for aftermarket racing parts for sportbikes. So he decided to open his own company and make those parts at a fraction of the usual price. The company is based in Poway...
  2. Modifications
    Hey guys. So next year I plan on doing a lot of track time and getting a racing certification through WERA. Which means this winter is all about getting the bike prepped! I'll be getting new clip on handlebars, new rear sets, new fairings, and new gear. As far as handlebars go, has anyone had...
  3. Classic Ninja 250
    I have been riding my 2007 250r for sometime now and have been trying to modify it for track racing. I am having a hard time finding parts on the internet, all I can find are parts for 2008 t0 2013 ninjas. I have looked all over, does anybody know somewhere or someone I can get parts from? Thanks!
  4. Modifications
    To make it short, the gasket on my fuel cap was stale and cracked, so it would whistle loud. I heard from many people and a couple of sources that it was a normal thing, and some say that the vent line might be pinched under the tank. For me, the noise would stop if I pushed the cap down a...
  5. General
    Took the little bike out to race this weekend and had a blast. It was the first time I had ever raced a 250, having dropped down from a Formula Twins class. I did it for cheaper tires that last longer and to be in a stock class where people can't dump thousands of dollars into their motors...
  6. General
    Is there any that's racing a 250 if so what brand of tires are you running? And how often do you replace them? Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  7. The New Ninja 250
    Review: Hurricane Racing Performance Air Filter for the ’08-’12 Ninja 250 A few weeks ago, I received an email Hurricane Racing Co. Ltd. about their new air filters. Here is a small excerpt from the email. "....The difference between our filters and other brands is that we are using...
  8. The New Ninja 250
    I've been looking at tire warmers (on ebay) for my upcoming track day and needless to say, all the rear warmers are either 160 or 180...which doesn't help me much being that my rear is a 140. This is my third track day, but it's going to be a chilly one, hence me looking into tire warmers. How...
  9. Modifications
    If you have Puig Racing Windscreen post pictures in here (especially black bikes)... I'm thinking about ordering one... Debating whether to paint it or just buy it... Where i might order it from...
  10. General
    Hey, wanted to give the 250r community heads up that there is a movement to bring a 250r racing class to the CCS Florida region. There are a few riders who have already purchased 250r's and are doing track day / race day testing in hopes of running the class in 2012 forward. please see...
  11. General
    Hi Folks! I am trying to find some info about racing leagues for the 250R. I have been looking online at various sites, and most of the info is from 2008/2009. I have even found some videos at utube. I know on the west coast there are some groups, but in the southeast there doesn't seem to be...
  12. Off Topic
    I want to buy a racing bike which should give better milage and beautiful look. I have following options which one is the best?
  13. General
    What are your thoughts on this?
  14. General
    Gotta love San Diego. We are blessed by being close to alot of things and having great weather. 6 blocks away from stealth's house is Hot Bodies Racing's office. During our Meet last week i picked up the racing fairings for $325. It was a steal. The Review: 9 out of 10. I'm not familiar with...
1-14 of 16 Results