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  1. Technical
    So, I've just bought a 2000 Ninja 250 that doesn't run to fix up for my senior project. I'm in high school and just got into riding and decided this would be a good way to familiarize myself with maintenance, and just motorcycle parts in general. I've got little experience with engines which is...
  2. Technical
    Bought a 2001 ninja 250 as a project. Has 19100 miles on it. Here is the list of things I need to sort out. Looking for guidance on what order to go in and how to do some of the work. Cranks but won't start. Left cylinder not firing. I was told compression is low (125 l / 115 r) There seems to...
  3. General
    Picked this up today. 2000 ex250 with a little under 20k on the clock. Previous owner said the motor has low compression 125/115. Motor cranks over but wont start. Fork seals are leaking. Paint is rough but all the plastics are there. Aftermarket header but no muffler. Tires are new-ish...
  4. Introduction
    whats shakin, im new to this site but im a member of a few others! im hoping this site can help me with some technical issues i cant get from other combined forums! i scooped up a 96 ninja of craigslist for very very cheap, it was in pieces but i like it like that! planning on turning this into...
  5. Modifications
    So a while back I posted about a run in with a deer and how i planned to turn my bike into a streetfighter... well this is where I am now...any ideas on what I should do next? http://imgur.com/a/GWFPU
1-5 of 5 Results