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  3. General
    How much and how high will they go? Im in a small town Huntsville Missouri population 1545 our gas here right now is $3.69 regular $3.75 premium.I run premium in my bike and regular in my car 24 mpg and truck 12 mpg in town bike 59 mpg so far.I ride as much as I can to save money on the news...
  4. New Riders
    Are 2011 Ninja 250R's prices set in stone? or can we deal them down a little? I just finished my motorcycle safety riding course and got my cert so i'll be off to dmv this week, but i went to our local Kawasaki Dealership, and was shown the 2011 Ninja 250R as a beginning bike. He gave me the...
1-4 of 5 Results