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  1. News
    Read more about the Poll: How Do You Feel About Loud Pipes? at Motorcycle.com.
  2. Modifications
    Still have the factory pipe on my 2008 250r and I do like it. But I feel as though it is time for me to get something with some sound to it. So my question to you is this. What kind of pipe did you put on your bike? Is it loud? And how much did you pay for it? I want one but for a decent price.
  3. Modifications
    anybody removed the rear pegs and moved the pipes to the outside? my left pipe hits the swingarm .
  4. Modifications
    My 09 is my first streetbike, I have finished the initial mods I wanted, now to address the exhaust. Here is my question, I've seen all sorts of exhausts out there, from wild to mild. I really like the look of the Hot Bodies megaphone for the ZX6, but I presume it wouldn't work??? Looks like the...
  5. Classic Ninja 250
    Hell all, I have a 2005 and want to get some slip on pipes for it.I am mainly concerned about the sound, loud and rich since the added hp with slip on's is only 2hp. What have you guys decided on and what are the pros and cons of the brand you chose,again I want slip on pipes because they fit my...
1-5 of 5 Results