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  1. Technical
    I think that it's known as an 'oil pan', but I need to know the part number. Mine cracked as I was putting the oil plug back in, and there's obviously no fix for that, so I'm going to order one from Kawa. So yeah, if someone could tell me what the part number for this is, it would really help :D
  2. Modifications
    Hey guys. I'm going to have to rejet my bike soon due to a lean condition. I figure since I'm going to rejet anyway, I'm thinking about putting in a k&n air filter in my bike. I want to know mostly drawbacks of this modification. Past experiences are welcomed. Just to avoid a flurry of "what...
  3. Off Topic
    This kind of thread is inevitable. Sorry but I have to do it! Every message board's got one :noteeth Post a picture of yourself, lets see what you look. This is a picture of me a week after I got the bike. My dad wanted to set me up like the road racers do so sorry about the pose haha Btw...
1-3 of 4 Results