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  1. Introduction
    Hey everyone. I am really excited to join 250R.net Seems like an awesome forum. I am new to the riding world, just received my motorcycle license last Summer, been riding ever since. Now the fun part. I just bought my first bike (personally owned) last Sunday. I was riding my friends old...
  2. General
    Thought I would put some pics of my bike on :righton
  3. General
    I saw this on another rider forum that I'm a member on, and correct me if I'm wrong, it doesn't seem like there is a similar game on this board. Well, this is how you play: Someone sets a challenge, another poster will try and complete the challenge, and then the guy/gal who completed the...
  4. General
    theres probably already a thread like this but oh well. post up your favourite pic of your bike! i'll start:
  5. Modifications
    Updated pics with the Re-modded swing-arm , 05-ZX6R Rear wheel & 180/55/17 Tire..
  6. New Riders
    Hey fellas, New member here and glad to be a poster on this site. I just got back from my first ride on my new bike and wow I can't explain how incredible it was to ride for the first time. I picked up my bike today at a local dealership 08 Ninja 250 with 2400 miles, paid 2800 out the door...
  7. Modifications
    Pics of the Newley installed Intergrated Tail-light... Pics of the New Blue-Fire airbrushed Paint job.... Thanks Big Time to Koby at KCL Creations..
  8. 250r Help Desk
    how do i post pics on a reply
  9. Modifications
    trying to find some pics of rear LED turn Sigs on a 250R?
  10. Maintenance
    Hello, Welcome to the 250R.net 2008 Ninja 250R DIY oil change thread. We are going to do a step by step oil change to show you guys that are a little sceptical about doing it yourself that it really is a simple project. But first to cover the intervals: You are fine to just go ahead and...
1-10 of 11 Results