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  1. Introduction
    Started out with a 2010 KLX250sf back in Fenbruary, a lot of fun, but it wasn't enough.... Went back to the dealership to see my options walked out with a 2009 Ninja 250r, red, 2900 miles, $3400, only $200 more than the KLX. I love it. Put 300 miles on it so far in about 3 rides. I'm...
  2. North East
    What no Philly, PA area riders?
  3. Introduction
    Will be picking up my new '09 Candy Plasma Blue 250R tomorrow morning!!!! This will be my first motorcycle; I have been riding a scooter prior to this. Looking forward to interacting with you guys and learning lots of useful info. Deb
1-3 of 3 Results