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    2005 Kawasaki Ninja 250r - Ruptured a piston, selling everything. These prices are just references I found by quickly searching through Ebay's "sold" items. PRICES ARE NOT SET IN STONE, PLEASE JUST MAKE AN OFFER. Items can be sold via PayPal or Local (Indianapolis, IN). Detailed pictures of...
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    All prices are OBO i can do paypal. FREE shipping on most parts, pics and info are avail by TXT 304-580 1184 send payment to [email protected] Wiring Harness 40 ECU 40 Tank 200 Left rearset 30 Front brake line Master and Caliper 50 Kickstand 20 Left Handlebar 50 Clutch Perch 20 right...
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    Hey guys, I bought this bike with an intent to fix it but some finacial problems came up. I parted it out locally in CA and I still have a few parts left over. All prices include shipping. Tank: $250 Carbs: $150 Petcock: $20 K&N air filters: $45 **NEW NEVER INSTALLED** K&N oil filter: $10 **NEW**
1-3 of 3 Results