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  1. Introduction
    I have left the building.
  2. Introduction
    Hello! Just picked up this old brand new bike! had to drive far but it was worth it! The bike has 286 miles at the time of purchase. :O
  3. Modifications
    So here's a video I made. I'm just curious about how difficult it would be to hook these up to a power source... https://youtu.be/4KAYVFZdvmY
  4. Introduction
    I passed the MSC in April and put a down payment on an '09 at a local shop. Unfortunately, the mechanic at the shop never made the agreed upon repairs, so I took the bike as-is. I plan to make repairs myself starting with installing a carb and battery. I have a few questions. What is the best...
  5. Introduction
    Hi everyone, I just traded a 82 Honda FT500 Ascot for a 04 ninja250, I wanted something my wife can learn to ride on. Got this 04 Saturday and took it out for a chilly 36deg. 20 mile ride on Sunday. I was quit impressed with the performance from this little bike, i'm 245 lbs and it moved me...
  6. Introduction
    After what I feel was sufficient research, haha....I have purchased a 2006 black ninja 250 and will be taking my MSF course within a week. Just tired of riding on the back of my boyfriend's bike, it was time for me to get my own. The 250 seemed to be the logical choice... as a female around 125...
  7. Introduction
    Bought a 2006 for the wife to learn on,heard these were great bike to learn on.So far pretty impressed,fun little bike. There her the first day home Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  8. Introduction
    Hello everyone. I just picked up an 04 250 for my girlfriend. I myself ride a 06 636. Right off the bat i knew this bike had a salvage title. The seller listed that he had a clean titled frame to go with it, which he did. I picked the bike and frame up with an extra 90 ninja 600 parts bike. I...
  9. New Riders
    Hey there! Names John! So I'm a future 250r owner and should be picking up a used one in the next month or two! This will also be my first bike :D I just wanted to stop by and say hello because I'm sure I'll be searching and asking all types of questions in the next few months :P For starters...
  10. Introduction
    Bought my '09 250 (Baby rocket) in Feb. I've been riding for approx a month now. I'm learning as much as i can and trying to get on the road as much as possible. I just wanted to drop a line and say hello:)
  11. Introduction
    Hello all. I have read many posts re: no idle conditions and high idles at 3-4k, and many replies as to what "may" be the problems. But nobody seems to post any results. I have had carbs off twice, clean the living crap out of them, tried diff idle jet settings...... still no results. I can...
  12. Introduction
    Just picked one up yesterday for my girlfriend. Will be my commuter and her learner bike. One fun bike!
  13. Introduction
    I have recently purchased a '12 250R. I have come from the 500R land; an '04. Still in the break-in period, but am loving everything about the 250 over the 500. Sent from my iPhone using MO Free
  14. New Riders
    Not new to the ninja scene, but new to the 250R. I have a 500R which is in the process of being sold. Despite the downgrade in performance on one end, I am thoroughly impressed on the other. This machine is quite nimble and much more smoother than my 500R ever was. No regrets. Just trying...
  15. Introduction
    bought a 2010 to turn into a race bike and race in the CVMA. Will be around here I hope as much as I've been around 10r.net for the past four years. Hello!!!:righton
  16. Introduction
    New owner in San Franicsco Well I found this 08 Ninja and decided to ask owner if he wanted a Miata as a trade, luckily he did... Here is my new bike My old Miata and new bike :) And here is my car
  17. Introduction
    I am currently completing my last year of highschool and am looking at buying a NINJA250r in about 6 months when its all over. I currently have a car but i will not have it at the end of the year and am looking for a cheaper, more exciting and convenient way of transport. It would be ridden as a...
  18. Classic Ninja 250
    hey everybody! so while im customizing my bike with little things like the fender eliminator and the flush mount turn signals, i wanted to know how to take off the flame stickers, do they just peel off? and would it look bad under it? also this was the main question, so my odometer is messed up...
  19. Introduction
    hello everyone...the name's Matt. I just recently took the MSF course this weekend and got my license on tuesday and today I went and purchased my first bike, a 2011 Ninja 250r in black. This will be my first bike to gain more riding experience and something to prepare me for a future bike. A...
  20. Introduction
    Hello everyone, My name is Marcello just turned 28 years old from Northern VA and happy to say that I will be a new Ninja 250r owner by tomorrow. I have completed my MSF course about 3 weeks ago and cant wait to get on a bike! I have never owned a bike before but since I was 15 i wanted one...
1-20 of 26 Results