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  1. Technical
    I bought this 2008 Ninja 250r last Fall and left it in my garage over the winter. I live in Canada so it gets pretty cold - in January I went to take a look at it and noticed a puddle of oil below the bike but it had not leaked a drop throughout October when I was riding it often. Now I am...
  2. News
    Read more about Do I Really Have To Change My Oil Every Year? at Motorcycle.com.
  3. News
    How Do You Check A Motorcycle’s Oil Level? Read more about How Do You Check A Motorcycle’s Oil Level? at Motorcycle.com.
  4. Maintenance
    Heres a picture of the drain pan from my oil change. Is this normal with a wet clutch?
  5. Technical
    After changing oil for first time and riding after that for couple weeks I've discovered a hole in the bottom next to oil filter. (marked red on the photo) Is it suppose to be like that or I lost drain plug? If second, how bad is that, what should I do, what is replacement part number?
  6. Classic Ninja 250
    Okay, so after some thinking about I decided to go to a reusable oil filter. The brand that seemed to stand apart was FLO OIL FILTERS, by PC RACING retail price $59.95 USD. The following is from their webpage Superior Filtration: This should be the last oil filter you will ever buy! Made...
  7. Introduction
    Hello all I just got myself a 2012 Ninja 250R!!! Stepped up from a 69CL175 havin a blast!!! Just wanted to come here and introduce myself to the community and what not.....also had a few questions!!! if somebody could answer these itd be much appreciated!! What is the difference between the JCF...
  8. Technical
    So I bought bike Monday and noticed the oil level in the window was dark and very low. Today I drained the oil and replaced the filter and added about 1.7L. I also ran the bike for a few minutes after wards. However the little oil window has stayed the same, it didnt fill up showing me if i had...
  9. Technical
    So just had my oil changed about a month ago on my ninja 250 2012. This morning I just checked it and with kickstand down, it shows at minimum level. When I sit the bike upright it gradually fills with oil but it appears to be a milky gray color and shows way over the fill line. Should I just go...
  10. Technical
    Yes this just happened!! I want my bike back, I need my bike back. One more day in my cage and I might have a break down (80 miles one way every day)! I have decided to go with JB weld or some other cheap quick shot in the dark. I just want it to hold for a month or twelve. I figure I cant...
  11. Technical
    Alright guys, so I got my ninja started up and everything. I drive it back home from where I had it, nd I look down nd there was oil/gas. It smells like gas nd it feels like oil. The leak was coming under by the kickstand. I was wondering what could be cause that.
  12. Classic Ninja 250
    Hi, I'm doing and oil / filter change & screen cleaning on my 06 Ninja 250 trike. Can someone verify what order the bolt on plate, spring, filter and tin hat go on ? Something just does'nt look right the order in which it was as it dropped out. It came out in this order from the bottom up, Bolt...
  13. The New Ninja 250
    I'm having a hard time choosing an oil for my 250. Any suggestions? Do i have to change filter as often as the oil? Any advice would help..
  14. The New Ninja 250
    Its was so easy (2008 250r) If you need help hit me up I'll post a link to the instructions...
  15. Classic Ninja 250
    I got an 05 ninja 250 with 9400 miles about a month ago, did a oil change a couple days ago vans now my clutch is shifting funny. Up shifting is a little clunky and some times down shifting it wants to stick. Any ideas? Droid Bionic
  16. Classic Ninja 250
    Don't have the book can't find online. What oil and coolant do I need for a 1989 Ninja? -Joseph
  17. Introduction
    I have a 1993 Ninja 250. Bike is essentially in new condition. I bought this bike 2 weeks ago, my first bike. Engine was rebuilt and the odometer reset 2300 miles ago. There doesn't seem to be any definite answer floating around out there so... What kind of oil does everyone use in their...
  18. Technical
    i had adjusted the nuts on the clutch cable on the engine side (not the handle end) to get the sweet spot closer to the middle instead of farther out, when i got on it today the sweet spot was back out away from the bike & the handle was very stiff. did i adjust in the wrong place? also my oil...
  19. Technical
    Has this happend to anyone my first oil change of my new (used) bike has copper looking flakes in it.The bike is a 08 with 2300 miles on it I did put a new K&N filter and let it drain for a long time befor installing new filter and oil Mobil 1.Could this be from the gears or maybe bairings?:ohcrap
  20. Technical
    i have a 2009 ninja 250r it has a engine oil leak which is leaking from the oil level gauge (the small glass window that shows the level of the engine oil) the glass on the gauge is cracked and is leaking which causes the bike to smoke since it hits the exhaust pipe. i need some help on finding...
1-20 of 35 Results