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  1. Introduction
    hey everyone, im Ben and I live in Cincinnati ohio. im in a rather odd situation with my 2006 Ninja 250r. my college roommate was here as an exchange student and bought it to use while he was here. now that he left it was our intention for me to buy it from him. However we made the mistake of...
  2. Introduction
    Hi all, I am new to street riding, just took the MSF course last month. Decided to get a bike, wanted something economical but fun. I just bought a 2005 Ninja 250, with just 860 miles on it, in pristine condition!! I am starting to convert it into a "blue collar bombers" cafe bike. Hope to be a...
  3. Introduction
    hi. all, just picked up an 01 i plan to use as a track bike. names john from marion.
  4. Mid West
    So i am also on a couple other forums and had put this on there im planning on trying to put together a ride on June 8 2013. I got other riders that are gonna come so i thought i would see if there is anyone on here that would like to take part in it.
  5. Mid West
    Hey if anyone is from Ohio Post here always great to know More people.
1-5 of 5 Results