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  1. Classic Ninja 250
    Hey everyone! This is my first post here on 250r.net and I am very excited to share my first bike build on the inter-webs! The low-down: Last year I purchased an '07 250r with just over 2500mi for $800. Not bad? New clutches and a fluid change later I was on the move. With one season under my...
  2. Introduction
    Hi everybody... I was an owner of an '89 Ninja 400 and a '90 ZXR 400. Bought both in Okinawa. Sold the '89 to buy the ZXR. What a machine. Would blow away any 600. Sold it to a guy in Cali so he could race it against a bunch of yamadog 400's. Now I have a 2000 Ninja 250 that I bought as...
1-2 of 2 Results