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  1. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Looking for a 2008 and up Ninja 250r muffler for a decent price shipped to Windsor Ontario Canada. Hoping someone has one they took off shortly after buying the bike for an aftermarket one and wants to get rid of it. Looking for something in good shape without any dents or scratches hopefully...
  2. Classic Ninja 250
    Hey new to the street bike and ninja scene in general I hate the dual pipes on my 04 ninja 250r anywhere I can buy a bold on kit to fix that or do I need to make one from scratch and a new 4 to 1 header? Please help and any other cool cheap mods to get more power would be greatly appreciated...
  3. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Hotbodies MGP Growler 08-12 250R slip on muffler SOLD sold
  4. General
    .....sup all......is thre a slip on muffler that has a slight rumble and sheds the weight of the stock one ? .....not looking for loud just a nice note with the slight increase in performance as well.....even if i have to rejet.......thanks in advance and keep 2 wheels up
  5. Modifications
    Yoshimura or Two brothers???
  6. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Looking for nice example to replace aftermarket POS from PO. -Kevin (located near Atlanta) PM please.
  7. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I find myself in need of a stock muffler for a 2008 or newer ninja 250. can any on help?
  8. Modifications
    Short Video Clip of My Blue 09-250R.. Vid is with the Modded Swingarm/180 rear Tire & GSXR muffler.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Waeokj6Icho
  9. Technical
    Has anyone here changed the exhaust from the 2 into 2...To a 2 into 1 like the 2008 and 2009 model. I have a 2007 and I'd like to have it with the exhaust is only on one side. I noticed the new ones already have this. I saw someone selling the header and exhaust from a 2009 and I want to know if...
  10. Modifications
    This is what i did to my muffler few weeks ago. I used a two inch outlet. Shorted it about four inches. Sounds awsome! Hey can someone tell me how i can get the pictures to come up big?
1-10 of 10 Results