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  1. The New Ninja 250
    Just wondering if the stock speedometer cluster is pretty accurate or is it actually off about 5 MPH ( too fast) ? Read: When the speedometer shows 60 MPH, the actual speed is actually 55 MPH Both front and rear tires are OEM size and in good shape. The reason i'm asking is because most cars...
  2. The New Ninja 250
    This is the fastest I've gotten my ninja to go. I tried and fail many times . How I did it: shift every gear in the redline (13-14) that's the only way. And lean forward and be as aerodynamic as possible. Also - know the road!! know the turns!!! Don't go 100 and- not know where your going...
  3. Technical
    I have a 2012 250r and was just wondering what u guys are running at around 60mph . I'm close to 8k or so.. normal? Sent from my DROID RAZR using Motorcycle.com Free App
1-3 of 3 Results