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  1. Introduction
    Howdy! My name's Chris. Before the shelter in place was announced, I was fortunate enough to purchase a 2012 KAWASAKI Ninja 250R. Too bad I can't go on a roadtrip yet. Hope this pandemic will end so I can go on a cross-country road trip that I have been dreaming of.
  2. Introduction
    Hi Folks, Taking possession of newest addition to my stable in about three hours, a beautiful 2007 Ninja 250R. Been riding bigger bikes for several decades since my first bike, Honda 125SS, and excited to get back on a little pony. Looking forward to discussion and info exchange with all you...
  3. Introduction
    Hi folks! I'm new to the site. I own a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Hoping we can be a happy group members and sharing the same interest here as i do . Thanks for letting me join. Kind regards Victor
  4. Introduction
    Hi everyone my name's Nathan. This is my basket case '95 Ninja 250. Got it for free in a car trade and have always wanted one for some reason. As of right now I've purchased new fairings, windscreen, tires, brakes, tune up stuff. Has a full Muzzy exhaust on it hopefully it's been rejetted...
  5. Introduction
    Hey everyone the names Ryan, I have a 2009 nnja 250r, it used to be black but is now a modified dual sport adventure touring style bike. It has a ton of character no and I love it. I am a 1994 child (I will let you figure out my age) I am a motovlogger, it is soooo much fun Glad to be...
  6. Introduction
    Hi I'm Thantos. I'm new to the 250 Ninja, but not to motorcycles. I'm in Cana, Va. , which is the SW corner of the state. I'm a couple of miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Right now the leaves are changing, so the scenery is great. I hope to learn more of this impressive little machine through...
  7. Introduction
    hi all you folks,this is sabre al checking in for the first time.im from n.h. north of boston. im 72 now and i am losing strength so i am selling my honda sabre and just put a 2010 ninja on layaway. this will drop the bike weight around 175 lbs. ive been lurking for a month or so now and picking...
  8. Introduction
    New member here! If you would like to exchange information add me as a friend!
  9. Introduction
    Good Morning! I joined because I was having a problem with my 2010 250 surging at all speeds, when decelerating, etc. But upon looking at my chain this weekend....Saw 10 1/2 rollers missing at various locations. New chain solved it. the old one was a 6 Month old Volar chain....STAY AWAY!
  10. Introduction
    Hello Everybody. I'm new here. Owned a 250R for about 6 months. Already with a problem and I'm here looking for help and answers. Right now, got a big problem with fuel leak (might be mixed with fuel) coming out somewhere behind the front sprocket of the chain. I'll be buying the lift to pick...
  11. Introduction
    New owner from York, Pa, bought a 1999 for my wife as her first bike... Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  12. Introduction
    I claimed 2014 as my year!! I have been involved in sport bikes for years along side my husband. I have gotten off the back and now have a 2009 Ninja 250r to call my own! :p
  13. Introduction
    Hello guys, I have a 09 ninja 250, I am on the UK restricted licence (restricted to 33bhp) until next august. Put 12k miles on her since I got her last year, and loved every mile.
  14. Introduction
    Hello, my name is Josh and I bought a 2010 Ninja 250R yesterday. The bike is in perfect condition with only 322 miles on it. It came with a Jardine carbon exhaust and some frame sliders. My plans for this bike are to make it a dedicated track bike. I've been wanting one for a few years, and the...
  15. Introduction
    Hello all, I recently added a 2007 250R to my stable of bikes. In addition to the 250R I currently own: 2007 Honda GL1800 Goldwing 2004 Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom 2009 Kawasaki KLR650 I bought the bike because I wanted something little to ride around on once in a while, though I had to tell my...
  16. Introduction
    Hey gents and ladies, I'm new to riding and this forum. I will be taking my basic riding course next Monday and Tuesday. I really want to get a ninja 250. I have been looking at a few on Craig's list to find a used bike that I will probably drop at some point. Anyway, it seems like y'all know...
  17. Introduction
    Hello, I recently found this forum while looking around on Google and it seems like a friendly knowledgeable forum :D So I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm 18 with a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 250R as seen below Her name is Rose and she's brand new off the lot. I plan on getting a M4 slip on...
  18. New Riders
    Hey guys, new to the forum, and I've been riding a little over two months now- loving every minute of it! My friend got me into Sport Bikes, he owns the Suzuki 600GSX-R in the background, which only motivates me to upgrade to a Zx6r Ninja when I've finally mastered my 250r. I've done a few...
  19. New Riders
    Hi all, I just bought a used Black 2012 Ninja 250R this evening!! I think I got a killer deal @ 2900.00 with 78 miles on it!! He also threw in a Scoripon helment as well. He bought it new in April and as the mileage shows hasnt rode it much. The only drawback is he has a lien on the bike, and...
  20. Introduction
    I just wanted to say hi to everyone, new rider that just bought a 2011 ninja 250 winter project. the previous owner dropped it once on the left and then again on the right so it has a little metal damage and a lot of plastic damage but mechanically perfect, and the price was insane for the year...
1-20 of 28 Results