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  1. News
    Read more about the Top 10 Overlooked Maintenance Items at Motorcycle.com.
  2. Maintenance
    Hey guys, I am planning on removing my carbs for a clean pretty soon. Are there any additional maintenance items I should look at while everything is pulled apart?
  3. News
    Read more about the Tire Care & Maintenance Buyer’s Guide at Motorcycle.com.
  4. The New Ninja 250
    Hey guys my names Matt. I just did an oil change and chain clean and lube on my ninja. Wondering what sort of other types of maintenance I should do on the bike and how often. I have a rear stand for it. I have the owners manual but no service manual yet. And I don't know what the previous owner...
  5. New Riders
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums! :) I just recently obtained my very own first motorcycle, a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R. I bought it for $2400 with a mileage of ~1770 mi. So stoked to ride it soon enough, but first I need to prep this motorcycle because I know the previous owner didn't have...
  6. Maintenance
    I was wondering if changing the cylinder heads are a par maintenance every so many kilometers/miles because the Kawasaki dealer nearest to me says they change them every 10000 km. Thanks
  7. News
    Hey all, There's a possible server maintenance/site down time tomorrow 11a EST. So if the site is a bit flakey tomorrow, it's not you. :D Thanks!
  8. Technical
    I am soon to be the owner of a blue 2006 ninja 250R. The bike has less than 1900 miles on it. The guy who is selling it to me says that he has to keep adjusting the idle screw. I was just wondering if this is something i should worry about because this will be my first bike and im still...
  9. Maintenance
    http://www.canyonchasers.net/shop/generic/chain.php Let's face it, without your chain, you ain't going anywhere. So why, then, do we ignore our chains for so long? Chains have gotten so good over the past 10 years that it is easy to forget about them. But an ounce of prevention is worth a...
  10. Maintenance
    we should make a maintenance sub forum also (i.e Oil change, chain cleaning, radiator flush ect.) for people who might want to know how to do it. this would also including changing the battery and pretty much anything you need to do to the bike to keep it up and running good. i will post up a...
  11. Technical
    As I know, O-ring chains are self lubricated so additional lubing is often unecessary. You just need to keep it clean, general rule of thumb is about 500 miles. I know a lot of people will not touch their chain with WD40, but I use it on my old F4i and the chain lasted for over 18k miles before...
1-11 of 12 Results