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  1. News
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  2. North East
  3. New Riders
    Im really considering upgrading to this bike from my xt225. Most of the riding i do is around town and country roads not much freeway. I think it would be a perfect bike and i know there is stuff i could learn off it. My main question is is there anyone who has actually wanted to keep this bike...
  4. Introduction
    Hello Everybody. I'm new here. Owned a 250R for about 6 months. Already with a problem and I'm here looking for help and answers. Right now, got a big problem with fuel leak (might be mixed with fuel) coming out somewhere behind the front sprocket of the chain. I'll be buying the lift to pick...
  5. Classic Ninja 250
    I have read of some horrendous commutes by Ninja 250 owners. These bikes really impress me with their near bullet-proof reliability and long engine life! Would some of you past and present long-distance commuters owners share your distance traveled on a regular basis, ONE WAY? Currently my...
  6. General
    so the weather finally gave me one beautiful day day to ride and jade to move my sister to another city in pa they wanted me to load the U-Haul and then I was free hahaha not the case they begged me to go to Wilkesberrie pa to unload the truck so I said ok I will just ride my bike wanting to...
  7. New Riders
    Hi I just an 04 ninja 250r last summer and I was planning on doing a couple long distance rides (at least for me haha) that will be around 6 hours going around 70-75 mph. Would this be too hard on the bikes engine? Im just not sure if this is pushing it too far. The bikes in great shape and...
  8. Classic Ninja 250
    Hi I got a 2004 ninja 250r last summer in great condition and was just curious as to if the bike can be ran for a long period of time. Im planning on visiting family this summer who live about 6 hours away. Can my bike run this long in one day without damaging it? I plan on cruising around 70 to...
  9. Introduction
    So excited for the season. I just did my oil change but wanna do more maintenance stuff before I get lazy and say hell w/ it i'm just gonna ride LOL
  10. New Riders
    i was just wondering if anyone had any problems when riding for long distances? being that the bike is carb'd and what not i just wanted to see how long rides were. any info would be great.
  11. New Riders
    I just registered for the riding course. I was wondering if it is difficult to get a 250r. How long does it take?
1-11 of 12 Results