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  1. Technical
    I have my bike 2009 Kawasaki ninja 250r and in the season of winter randomly my lock is getting frozen . This problem just started from last year. now again the problem started i dnt know what to do with it . If anyone have some idea to fix this issue plzz share with me your views and suggestions
  2. Technical
    doing the valve clearance on my 1995 gpx250 and when i get to the last 1 of 8 the lock nut is rounded and i cant get it loosened.its the r/h inside exhaust one[the hardest one to get at].a deep 9mm socket is the only way i can get at it.has anyone any ideas as what way i could get it...
  3. Modifications
    on the 88-07 model, obviously the helmet lock is crap. Your helmet will melt on the exhaust if you use it. But there is another way. I thought I was a genius until I realized other people had already done it. If you remove your seat and look under it, you'll see the metal "clips" attached to...
  4. Classic Ninja 250
    I have an 06 exf and ive been riding all season and i still havent found anywhere to lock my helmet to the bike. Does this not have a helmet lock or atleast a loop under the seat that i could put the d rings over??? Thanks
  5. General
1-5 of 5 Results