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  1. Technical
    Recently bought a 2010 250R that had integrated tail light installed. At first the brake light stayed on and i found the rear brake switch broken. I have replaced the switch and now brake light works but no running tail light. can someone tell me how to test the power? I know it's the red wire...
  2. Technical
    Just washed my bike today, upon inspection later on I found that the brake light doesn't switch on when either brake lever/pedal is depressed. I have no clue what could be wrong, I also found that some water had gotten under and into the rear seat while I was washing it earlier. I guess what I'm...
  3. General
    My main light has gone can someone tell me what light it is , h4 h7 ? Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  4. Technical
    Hey everyone! New to the forum, thanks for having me. I have just spent the last couple of days scouring the forum/google looking for a solution to this problem as well as double checking all my wiring/connections and have found nothing. Proud owner of a 2008 Ninja 250R, I have just replaced...
  5. Classic Ninja 250
    So, I'm sorry for my first post to be asking for help, but I don't know what else to do with my problem. I recently bought an 05 ninja 250, for cheap. It has been down at least a few times. pretty much every fairing was busted in a few spots. Only had one turn signal(rear) needed a front tire...
  6. General
    I ordered a new license plate, really need some advice for makin the fender nice, do I need a feder eliminator if I get a new tail light like this one Or all I would need was to mount the plate someplace and add a light? Or do I get this?? Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  7. Technical
    with the stock brake light plugged in brake light functions like normal. with the led one plugged in, it lights up like the brake is being applied even if its not. checked the rear brake light switch, not an issue ( being as the brake light works with the normal light) any ideas? Im stumped...
  8. The New Ninja 250
    Any recommendation or review about it? I'm looking to get a Brake Light's Flasher ( Module?) Which one to get & how much is it? Anyone?
  9. Modifications
    modmy250.com has a plug and play brake light modulator. They flash quickly 6 times and then stay steady. If you pull on the brake again within 10 seconds, they remain in a steady state. This is to keep from annoying the people behind you if you are in slow moving traffic. After 10 seconds...
  10. Technical
    question: Shoould i get this rear tail light/ turning signal (integrated) , is this a good price ?? http://www.solomotoparts.com/Competition-Werkes-Light-Werkes-Integrated-Taillights-for-Ninja-250R-08-12/
  11. New Riders
    Hello Everybody, New to this kind of thing been biking for a while but have only recently started back after a few years away. Absolutely love being back on a bike, it truely is one of the best feelings in the world. My FI light recently flashed on yesterday for a few seconds and went off so I...
  12. Technical
    my bulb has gone how do i strip it should i remove the unit from underneath the pillion seat or can it be wedged out?
  13. Modifications
    I own a 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250r Special Edition. I bought a rear integrated LED tail light and front LED flush mount blinkers. I have all of those installed. My initial problem was that the blinkers didn't blink. So to fix that I bought a LED Flasher Relay from Lockheart Phillips USA. My...
  14. Modifications
    Has anyone else ever installed the same kit on their bike? My problem is with the only wire that doesn't appear to have the "I obviously go here" look. The manual says it has to be connected to the "halogen socket", but I am over my head trying to figure out how to do that. I would really...
  15. Modifications
    Hey guys just curious as to which is the favorite or most reliable fender eliminator kit? I'm wanting to get rid of the stock plastic on the back and have an integrated brake light that has turn signals as well so I can do away with the stock knobs on the back. Seen a couple on MCSS but not...
  16. Technical
    Hi everyone found the site after searching for info for on my 2010 kwak ninja 250r. The problem I`ve got is the lights front and rear also the dash lights are flickering when Idling and when riding the bike the lights also flickers when the brakes are applied. the other thing that happens...
  17. Technical
    i had adjusted the nuts on the clutch cable on the engine side (not the handle end) to get the sweet spot closer to the middle instead of farther out, when i got on it today the sweet spot was back out away from the bike & the handle was very stiff. did i adjust in the wrong place? also my oil...
  18. Modifications
    I recently purchased and installed an LED integrated tail light. and after finishing i realized that the turn signals don't blink. what should i do??????? I have been told that a load equalizer may work. if anyone can help me I would appreciate it, this is a link to the tail light...
  19. Modifications
    Im thinking of putting some glow type lights on my bike.What kind should I look at and about how much might they cost?My bike is all green
1-19 of 26 Results