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  1. Technical
    Hi, I've installed 4 LED indicators on my 2009 ninja 250r. I've replaced the flasher, installed a diode harness kit and resisters at the rear indicators. The indicators do work but there are a couple issues: 1. When riding bike and revving, indicators flash normally at normal rate, however when...
  2. Modifications
    Here is a simple, inexpensive, and must have piece of modifications, I have done. The company is named GAMMATRONIX( http://www.gammatronixltd.com/ ) they make some really interesting items from charging, storage, temperature, in various styles. The one I chose was the 12V LED MOTORCYCLE / BIKE...
  3. Technical
    Hey everyone! New to the forum, thanks for having me. I have just spent the last couple of days scouring the forum/google looking for a solution to this problem as well as double checking all my wiring/connections and have found nothing. Proud owner of a 2008 Ninja 250R, I have just replaced...
  4. Modifications
    Here are some pics of my LED's I installed :)
  5. The New Ninja 250
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  6. General
    Got some led bulbs from autozone today and there Garbage, with the stock red brake lens on you can hardly see the light, it could have something to do with the leds being red but it shouldn't make that much of a difference... Either way I do NOT recommend getting led bulbs at autozone Sent...
  7. Technical
    with the stock brake light plugged in brake light functions like normal. with the led one plugged in, it lights up like the brake is being applied even if its not. checked the rear brake light switch, not an issue ( being as the brake light works with the normal light) any ideas? Im stumped...
  8. Technical
    So, the prior owner of my new 250 destroyed the front fairing and shattered one of the front turn signals. As such, I want to trade out the turn signals for some LED turn signals. I already picked out the turn signals...
  9. Modifications
    I have a 2006 Ninja 250r and I was wondering if anyone has put LED accent lights on a bike such as this or similar before. I want to be more visible at night since all my gear is black and my bike is red, plus I would think it would look really cool. Does anyone have good sites for purchasing...
  10. Technical
    im installing some LED strips on the chasis of my 250R, my question is where do i hook up the positive and negative strips to produce power to the lights? im obviously new at this so any help i'd appreciate.
  11. The New Ninja 250
    So just installed some green led pods on my bike cant wait for it to get dark so i can post some pics on here
  12. Modifications
    Installed the Proton flush mount signals in my 2010 Ninja 250. Instructions did not said anything about changing the relay to electronic, so the stock rear signals didnt work. Got a cylinder shaped grey smoke plastic relay from PEP BOYS and that solved the problem. Today I started installing the...
  13. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Shinto Racing Integrated LED Tail Light These are plug and play, just replace your OEM, and hook up the indicator, and your set. i am selling these on Ebay individually, but u can just buy direct from me here. To save on postage, i would agree on a Group order. I can suply Individual...
  14. Technical
    Does anybody know the motor mount bolt torque specs for 09 250R. Just got my frame sliders installed but I don't have the specs. Figure that's a pretty important set of bolts to get the torque spec right. :biggrin2 Also, I just got my LED taillight with integrated blinkers. But I can't get...
  15. Modifications
    does anyone know how to wire the bikelitez led turn signals?
  16. Modifications
    trying to find some pics of rear LED turn Sigs on a 250R?
1-16 of 17 Results