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  1. New Riders
    I noticed gas leaking from the petcock after riding. I took the gas out, the tank off, and ordered a used one from ebay. I put it on the tank, still off the bike, with a little bit of gas and the damn thing still leaks. Is there some other reason why a petcock would leak? It's a 2008 so it only...
  2. Technical
    Okay so I just bought an 05 Ninja 250 from a friend just last week. 15k miles. I've been riding it almost everyday without a problem (other than a shifter problem that i'll address at the end) Okay so last night I get out of work at about 2am. Cold start as usual takes a bit longer than usual...
  3. Technical
    Hey, my bike is leaking coolant into crank case. I just put water in radiator and after about 20 min the oil in sight glass is milky and it also fills over flow bottle and leaks on the ground. I don't know if water pump seal is bad or the head gasket is blown. The bike is 06 with 7,000 mi. I...
  4. Technical
    Alright guys, so I got my ninja started up and everything. I drive it back home from where I had it, nd I look down nd there was oil/gas. It smells like gas nd it feels like oil. The leak was coming under by the kickstand. I was wondering what could be cause that.
  5. Technical
    well bought a bike real cheap and the gas tank i filled with gas and it started leaking out of the rear i believe vent hole. Why would it run gas out of that rear vent hole bike was dropped and has bondo on the side of tank. what could be causing it to run out the vent hole where the front of...
  6. General
    Hey guys, one of my fork seals is no.good and im leaking fluid, is it a big job to replace the seals? Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks. Sent from my MB855 using Motorcycle.com App
1-6 of 6 Results