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    Introducing the Yoshimura rear black fender eliminator kit designed for those who don’t like the look of their big bulky stock rear fenders and want to replace them with a slicker-looking, compact assembly. This product is a result of hard, painstaking work of Yoshimura designers and engineers...
  2. Buy / Sell / Trade
    It came off of 2009 model. Asking $200 for used slip on and 65 for jet kit which is brand new. PM me email for pics. Prefer local pick up in sacramento, or buyer pays shipping.
  3. Modifications
    How much is it to buy & have someone install a jet ket for a Ninja 250R 2008? just curious, about to buy my first bike soon, and as I do wanna start off on the 250cc, but I do always wanna have the option to make my current 250cc faster, how much would it be? and is it an easy install if u do...
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    Bullit Custom Cycles has the answer for 1988 to 2007 EX 250 Ninja owners looking to convert to a bar mount system. Utilizing the same craftsmanship as our other quality 6061 billet aluminum upper triples you'll be ready to bolt on your 7/8" handlebar! The billet triple also has 2- 6mm mounting...
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    New in box (but missing stickers). All parts still in bags, etc. $60 shipped via paypal.
  6. Buy / Sell / Trade
    new complete Shogun crash kit for 08-12 ninja 250r in factory sealed box. http://www.ebay.com/itm/271319378628
  7. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I'm not going to have time to install these two so I'm planning on selling them. The jet kit has been opened, but its never been used and the filter is still in its original packaging. K&N R-0990 ($30 shipped) Factory Pro CRB-K04-3.0 ($65 shipped) Get both ($90 shipped)
  8. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I want one color, doesn't matter which one. All have to be the same, and I am willing to pay 150/175$ for it, and 50$ MAX for shipping. I need main front fairing, both sides, underbelly, and rear fairings.
  9. Modifications
    I saw this from Bluecollarbobbers.com. Looks like good quality, and a good price ($1,500) for all you get. Check it out:
  10. The New Ninja 250
    just curious if anyone has done the 282cc big bore kit on the 08 250? i had the bike when it was new then got rid of it. guy i sold it to crashed it and sold it back to me. i done a complete restore on it now im thinking about tinkering with the engine a little. i wanted to in the past but when...
  11. The New Ninja 250
    News from SPORTISI NINJA 250/300 EFI TURBOCHARGER KIT Hello guys , here's a teaser video for you, more vids will be coming, including dyno charts . We're developing a turbocharger kit for the ninja 250 EFI and this will also work on the ninja 300 EFI. on stage 1 its running low boost at...
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    This is off my wife's 2011 250r.... Rear Passenger Cowl $100 New sprocket $40 New jet kit $30 Free shipping on all items, no outside USA, no Hawaii & Alaska.... Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  13. The New Ninja 250
    So here it is i did the wire mesh on the fairings and put leds on the bike. Let me know what you think. Wanna know how just ask
  14. Modifications
    I plan on machining my own "kit", but I don't know what dimensions I need in order to do so. Does anyone know off-hand, or have prints?
  15. Modifications
    I plan on machining my own "kit", but I don't know what dimensions I need in order to do so. Does anyone know off-hand, or have prints?
  16. Modifications
    I installed my full jardine GP-1 with headers today but I ran out if time to do the dyno jet kit. I also installed k&n air filter and removed the snorkel. Will it hurt the motorcycle to ride on it until I can do the jet kit? Or should i wait?? Help please Sent from my DROID RAZR using...
  17. Modifications
    so i was just tired of seeing that dirt bike looking rear fender so i decided it had to go. i pretty much chopped it off and relocated the license plate and light to the undertail of the bike with all the same hardware it came with it looks really good to me but would like some opinions as far...
1-17 of 31 Results