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  1. Introduction
    Hi All: Back into riding after 35 years away. I got hooked a year ago and bought 2 Ninja 250's and just got a 650. Loving every minute of it. Sad to say I was away too long, I could have had more fun in my life. Be safe!!
  2. Introduction
    Hello everybody, So I am a girl, I currently own a 2010 ninja 250r in red, hence the name redrocket, I have only been riding for a month , and I love it. I want to discover new roads up here so if anyone knows a good place let me know :) nice to meet you all.
  3. Introduction
    Hey everyone just bought a ninja 250 and love it. I'm simple and power isn't what I ride for but for the wind in my face and the other rider community that waves without knowing me. Hope to make new friends here and make this the best experience ever!
  4. North East
    Hey soo I just picked up my 09' 250r and I taking my written test shortly.but hopefully if I pass on the first try I looking for ppl to ride wit. My boyfriend has a daytona 675 and we would love to ride wit ppl that wanna enjoy their bikes as we do..not to show off..
  5. Buy / Sell / Trade
1-5 of 6 Results