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    What's up guys? Looking to sell my A* GP Pro Leather Jacket. Size is 44US/54Euro. I got it new at the beginning of this season. I only ended up wearing it probably like 15-20 times. I'm 5'8''-5'10" 170-180lbs. It fits me well, pretty snug. I'm looking to get $375 shipped to the CON US. Any...
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    Great deal on a great jacket! Thought I'd share! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Scorpion-Stinger-White-Leather-Jacket-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem3cb7e0ca3bQQitemZ260783000123QQptZApparelQ5fMerchandise
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    Size Medium (38-40 US) 1.2-1.4mm full-grain leather for excellent abrasion resistance. CE certified elbow and shoulder protectors. Relaxed fit. + Zip operated ventilation. Removable quilted vest. Strategically placed micro perforated leather. Adjustable waist. 2 external pockets and 1...
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    Here's a really good deal for all you guys out there..... http://www.newenough.com/closeouts/textile_jackets_and_pants/teknic/freestyle_textile_motorcycle_jacket.html Teknic Freestyle Textile Jacket 600D soft touch Cordura® short jacket with 15º forward arm rotation Powerskin II™...
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    Men's Joe Rocket Blaster Jacket - Used -Blue/white/black. -Size 50/60 -CE Armor - Shoulders/Elbows/Back The blue is a bit faded to a purplish color from the sun. No damage on the jacket. Hasn't been worn in about 3 years. It's in good condition and looks like the jacket in the image below...
1-5 of 16 Results