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  1. Technical
    ok so i have an interesting problem, i have been working on a ninja 250 for a while now and last week i had it running as good as it ever has. almost prefect. well i got home this week and started putting everything together to test it on the road and when i went to start it it would not start...
  2. Modifications
    Ex-Racer looking for some Experienced Racers/Tuners suggestions and opinions on a full exhaust system for a 2009 ninja 250 that are currently working for them. I'm looking at a Full Systems from: Area P Yoshimura Two-Bros Akrapovic Leovinci Or something that is working better? Airbox mods...
  3. New Riders
    I know i will be considered a newb for asking this, But today at work this guy told me i should get a Cool Air intake for my bike. I've looked around but haven't seemed to find anything. Do they even make these for our bikes?
1-3 of 3 Results