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  1. Classic Ninja 250
    So I rode my bike to work not knowing it was going to rain. My bike was left outside while it poured for 6hrs straight. anyway, the previous owner (I had the bike maybe a month) put on a cheap gas cap so water got in (so I believe). I get off work and its still raining, and my bike will not...
  2. Technical
    So I have a 2010 250r Us version with 25k miles. Ran good, no issues until 1 month ago. I get on it to leave work (rode there in the am, no issues) and idle through the lot to the street. I hit the street and crank the throttle and it starts to go, gets to about 6k rpm then falls on its face...
  3. Technical
    Alright, I'm desperate for help at this point, as I'm simply running out of ideas. I'll start from the beginning, and give a TL;DR at the end. April 2012. I, after riding dirtbikes for a few months, am passively considering buying a street bike. I buy a 94 EX250 on CL for 900 bucks, was told...
  4. Classic Ninja 250
    Just picked up 2 Gen 1 ninja's 1 missing motor but has everything else 1 crashed but motor is great I would like to do something run with this project and turn the ninja into a Cafe Racer! Anyone got some ideas or photos of builds?
1-4 of 5 Results