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  1. Modifications
    Hello, Since the last time I came to this forum I put K&N high flow oil filter, a K&N high flow cotton air filter and an after market exhaust(danmoto JISU). I am now idling around 1600-1700 when warming from a cold start then around 1800-2000 after riding for bout 15-20 min. I have...
  2. Pacific
    Deleted ..OP please do not make duplicate posts in more than one section. Reply here:http://www.250r.net/forum/showthread.php?t=8625
  3. The New Ninja 250
    Hi guys I have a 2012 ninja 250 which I have owned for nearly a year and I have clocked up 6500 miles I have a Beowulf slip on exhaust. In the last couple of weeks it has been revving really high when cold! It ticks over fine then all of a sudden it flies up to about 6000 revs and sits ther...
  4. General
    Hi I'm brand new to these forums; I bought my 09 250r about a month ago with 15,500 mi. I began noticing the bike's RPMs fluctuating about 250 RPM at idle (the needle is not steady, the engine kinda lobes). When I've been running it for 10 mins or so its right around 1250 - 2000 rpms at idle...
  5. Technical
    Hi all. Iam facing a small issue with my 2009 250r. Off late, she has started vibrating when ever I pull over 9k RPM. Its a noticeable difference which can be felt all over three foot pegs, handle bars and some of the cowling to. I took it to the Kawasaki service guys but they could not figure...
  6. Technical
    I rejetted my carbs and installed pods, drilled out the slide lift holes. I had a chance to ride it on hwy and it bogs down when I try to go over 75 mph. Anything I should check? Is this how it runs with jet kit? Thanks. Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  7. General
    Why Go High-Viz? Ask any rider, and they will probably tell you their biggest safety concern is being cut off, run over, or otherwise violated by another driver in traffic. It’s a constant, serious threat. However, as a rider, you can take control of the situation by making yourself as...
  8. Off Topic
    I just got the kmk album mile high & fuckin shit is all I can say We raise hell bitch!!!
  9. Technical
    I have a 2012 250r. When i start it warm it up, usually the bike stays on 1500 rpm (idle) but once i ride it for like 10 min, the rpm go tot 2000 and then climb to 3000 (idle) when im just sitting there in traffic. Its my first bike so im not sure if that is normal or what should i do. I...
  10. Technical
    Ok, so lately on a cold start, i pull the choke to get the idle up and let the motor warm up… as the motor revs higher and higher, i let off on the choke a bit till the choke is closed and the idle is calm at 1k rpm… I then grab the throttle and rev it up to about 5-7k rpm and let go… the rpm's...
  11. Technical
    I have a 2009 ninja with 2700 miles on it. I bought it new and have kept up maintenance by the book. Recently, it has started to lose power and stutter (best way I can think to explain it) at around 7k and up when rolling hard on the throttle (accelerating quickly). It will lose power then...
  12. Technical
    Does anyone experience a high-pitched squeal when the tank builds pressure? (full or empty) I can park when it's cool in the morning, and as the air temp. rises, it starts to make noise. (even in the garage when it's warm) Not really a "problem", just annoying.:udontsay
  13. General
    I took my ninja on its first freeway ride on sunday.It seems that it revs high at 80 mph 9000 rpm.Is this normal? I believe it does this because its a small engine? correct me if Im wrong. Thanks for the help.
1-13 of 13 Results