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  1. Introduction
    Hi everyone! One of my header bolts broke off into the engine block while I was trying to take off the exhaust. Does anyone know the actual name of the bolts, where to find them and the specs? I just got my exhaust system and want to slap that on as soon as possible.\ Thanks ya'll
  2. The New Ninja 250
    So I found this exhaust on eBay it's a full system with the exhaust manifold and the muffler the muffler is carbon fiber it's made by a company called roaring toyz also the exhaust was a really good price point it was under two hundred dollars with free shipping does anyone know if this is a...
  3. Technical
    Hi,I have a 2007 ex250r and I was wondering if an exhaust header swap is possible by using a 2008 single side header.I am trying to use a single exhaust instead of 2.It should bolt on with no problems...right?.Thanks
  4. Introduction
    Hello all, Looking at getting my first bike, 07 Ninja 250R! Bike is in MINT shape, almost too mint... Bike is a US bike.. 3rd owner with 3,xxx Miles... The only spot I can find any damage or wear is above the one pedal I on some black metal (cant remeber how to describe the area) but it...
  5. Modifications
    So I just bought a 2008 250R last weekend. My wife was out of town and I didn't have too much going on at the time so I thought I would do all the work that was needed. When I bought it the right fairing was cracked and both fairings had scractch marks. The exhaust had scrapes and a little bit...
1-5 of 5 Results