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  1. Introduction
    Aloha folks, Just picked up an '08 250R in pretty good shape, about 8k miles and runs really nice. I just sold my last project (Suzuki Savage, bobber conversion) for a little profit and used that to pick up the ninja, primarily as a learner bike for my daughter but I'll be putting some miles on...
  2. Introduction
    Hey all, I'm a new rider. Just took the BRC 2 weeks ago, where I rode a bike for the very first time. Super excited to get a bike and start practicing what I learned. Riding is something I've always wanted to learn, but growing up in NYC, I didn't have anywhere to store my bike during the...
  3. Introduction
    Looks like a cool forum...About to get a 2005 250, just waiting for the guy to replace the blinker and get the safety inspection done. Im getting a killer deal on it. $2100, 3800 miles, super clean and meticulously maintained. Just went over there the other day to finally check it out. He let...
1-3 of 3 Results