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  1. Technical
    When my bike is cold , below 60 deg, it takes maybe 10 or more tries to start it and keep it going. And when it does finally start it sounds almost as if only one cylinder is running until it warms a bit. Approximately 30-45 seconds. Full choke on. The valves were adjusted recently. Once it's...
  2. News
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  3. Technical
    hello, Hi, I have kawasaki Ninja 250r. I face a problem in shifting gear. Its very hard to shift. Can anyone suggest me how to overcome this issue? I am facing this since 4 months.
  4. Classic Ninja 250
    my 95 gpx250 will start and idle no problem when cold but take it for a 5-10 mins run i have to work at the throttle to keep it running at traffic lights ect.then when i stop it,its hard to start it again.turns over for a good while until it starts.whats the first thing i should look at?valve...
  5. Technical
    Alright, I'm desperate for help at this point, as I'm simply running out of ideas. I'll start from the beginning, and give a TL;DR at the end. April 2012. I, after riding dirtbikes for a few months, am passively considering buying a street bike. I buy a 94 EX250 on CL for 900 bucks, was told...
1-5 of 5 Results