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  1. Introduction
    Thanks for adding me to your group and I just want to say hello from the Pittsburgh region.
  2. Introduction
    hey everyone, im Ben and I live in Cincinnati ohio. im in a rather odd situation with my 2006 Ninja 250r. my college roommate was here as an exchange student and bought it to use while he was here. now that he left it was our intention for me to buy it from him. However we made the mistake of...
  3. Introduction
    I am 59 years old and I just bought a 2007 250 Ninja. I am not a newbie since I have been riding for over 40 years. My first NEW street bike was a 1974 Kawasaki Z1. I have had too many bikes to count since then. I currently ride a 2014 Triumph Trophy SE sport tourer. I managed to put 20,000...
  4. Introduction
    Hey all, My wife just picked up a 12 250R today had 3.8miles on the clock. And since I'm the resident mechanic figured I'd come over here and see whats what.. Having rode it home form the dealer this afternoon.. I can say that little bike is a blast...
  5. Introduction
    Hey everyone! Recently bought a 2010 Ninja 250R with 2100 miles on it. It was fully stock except, the owner lowered it with RoaringToyz for his wife. I'm not new to bikes but I am new to 250r forums. Day 1: PlastiDip underside of windscreen: Nekkid!! Access to gauge for Diode-mod for LED...
  6. Introduction
    Whats up guys, im Ben from chicago, i took the msf course last october but just got a motorcycle this month. A blue 2009 ninja 250r. Looking forward to learning a lot from this board!
  7. Introduction
    my name is Sulaiman Farooqi. I have just started a riding three months ago. I live in Atlanta, Georgia area. Anyways... I have bought a 2012 ninja 250 r three months ago. I had no experience with any manual transmission vehicle. I never even ridden a dirt bike. I started started to learn how to...
  8. Introduction
    Hey everyone just bought a ninja 250 and love it. I'm simple and power isn't what I ride for but for the wind in my face and the other rider community that waves without knowing me. Hope to make new friends here and make this the best experience ever!
  9. Introduction
    I'm new too, Been riding and fixing for quite awhile now. Have two Ninja 250's in the house. A black 2009 and a 2012 SE. SE has been rejetted, has shogun frame sliders and a fender eliminator kit. 2009 has same frame sliders and same fender kit, not rejetted though. 2009 belongs to my Daughter.
  10. Introduction
    Hows everyone doing today?
  11. Introduction
    Picked up a Green 02 250 Ninja last fall for the oldest daughters first bike and figured this is the place to be. The bike sat for 2 years, it does run but poorly, I figure it's a good father/daughter project along with hopfully a good first bike. I have heard that these are pretty much a wet...
  12. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Hello everyone Nuttin butta dog here. I am in desperate need of some rocker arms. Used but in good shape. Anyone got that? 02 ex 250.
  13. Introduction
    Whats going on guys? My name is Jesus and I'm new here.. I dont currently own a bike but I am taking my classes in the 8th of next month, I already bought myself some gear for my classes.. :biggrin2 Reason why I joined 250r.net was simply because when I went to the kawasaki dealer and seen...
  14. Introduction
    Hey all! I'm new to the 250r world, but old in the real world, and when I bought it I was just thinking of getting a nice fuel efficient communter...well, of course that won't last. LOL. Now I'm already looking into aesthetic and performance mods and tuning. Ordered the fender eliminator and...
  15. Introduction
    Hey everyone. I just signed up yesterday and hopefully I can use this forum to answer some of my questions regarding my bike.
  16. New Riders
    Hi, I've been reading this forum for a few weeks finally thought I'd sign up. I did my full bike test just after Christmas and I got my bike about 2 months ago. I've got a 09 ninja 250 (obviously) and so far all I've done is put on R&G crash Rollers and a Pipeworx chrome exhaust can. I'm...
  17. Introduction
    Just got my first bike. Its a 08 250r with 4500 miles on it. I haven't had a chance to ride it much, just got my license a couple days ago and it's been raining. I'll be taking the safety course in the next few weeks. So until then, i'll just stick to cruising around my neighborhood. Not...
  18. Introduction
    Hey guys... I'm Evan and I ourschased my 08 250r a couple weeks ago. Its pretty much stock w the exception of a 2 brothers slip on and tank pad (100 extra HP right there!) Just thought I'd say hey Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I717 using Motorcycle.com Free App
  19. Introduction
    Hi everyone. I've been riding off and on for about the last 45 years. My first bike was a 1959 650 Triumph. I owned 2 or 3 street bikes then started riding dirt bikes for about 10 years. A few years ago I went back to the street bikes. I own a 2004 V-Star 1100 and a 2003 Kawasaki Concours...
  20. Introduction
    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum I'm in southern Ontario in the Niagara region I own a 2011 Kawasaki ninja 250r SE I bought it last aug, I've made a few mods on it: fender eliminator , white monster tank pad, integrated tail, blacked out windscreen, and vortex spools. I'm still trying to...
1-20 of 34 Results