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  1. Modifications
    I'm thinking of getting this on 150/60/70 or what would ya'll recommend? Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  2. General
    What do yall think?
  3. New Riders
    Hey everyone, i just joined this forum! The reason for this post is i was wondering if anyone had any good sites or videos or anywhere that i could read up on and learn more about sports bikes. I have done my research on the different types of bikes and whats out there, i just dont have much...
  4. Technical
    i have never had this happen before on any of my other bikes but on my 2012 ninja 250rSE when i pop the clutch on it it shifts gears up i am looking for help on how to fix this
  5. Introduction
    Yo, folks. I'm not big on forums because for the most part their members are full of ish. However, I'm bored and what else do you do with fast bandwidth and a hot computer? I'm Tom, or TwistedTom here on this 250"r" forum. No, I'm not new to riding, a NooB, some squid, or whatever else. And by...
  6. New Riders
    Hi, I'm a fresh graduate from highschool, and heading to a college 2 hours away. Now, I'm planning to purchase the kawasaki 250 ninja, Used. With money saved from 4 years of odd jobs I'm willing to spend about $1,300-2,000 on a bike. Ive (seperately) factored in licensing, gear (level 3),and...
  7. The New Ninja 250
    My son has a 2010 Ninja 250 with 1700-1800 miles that he uses to get around campus. We need to find a reliable technician, or shop, that will do the oil change and whatever else may be needed....a general check up. Thanks.
  8. Classic Ninja 250
    hey everybody! so while im customizing my bike with little things like the fender eliminator and the flush mount turn signals, i wanted to know how to take off the flame stickers, do they just peel off? and would it look bad under it? also this was the main question, so my odometer is messed up...
  9. Introduction
    Hi my name is Johnny. I'am now down to two bikes a heavily modified 09 Yamaha FZ1 and a KTM 520. I'am about to purchase a 09 250R for my wife who will be just be starting out. I hope to find some good info and conversation her. I'am a frequent poster on fz1-forums.com
  10. New Riders
    I am interested in riding a motorcycle and ive sat on a honda sport motorcycle, forgot its name, and it was difficult for me to put both of my feet on the ground i had to lean and put my foot down. My friend told me the bike is too tall for me. Is the ninja 250r or 650r good for my height? my...
  11. Buy / Sell / Trade
    09 250R $3000 USD, 2400 miles and according to the seller this is what he/she has done to it. "I have added frame sliders, reflective tape around rim, paint in tires and installed light up under the bike and around it hatch can flip on and off." This is my first post and if I'm posting in the...
  12. New Riders
    i am thinking about getting this as a first bike, since i am new to riding and all. its a 97 ninja 250r, with about 17k miles, i think it was wrecked or something, but i have pics, he wants only 500 for it. is this a good deal? also, what is missing on the bike besides the front plastic and...
  13. General
    Per the link in the Motorcycle Superstore banner that appears on this site, I found some great deals on helmets and jackets... http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/Closeout.aspx
  14. Maintenance
    http://www.canyonchasers.net/shop/generic/chain.php Let's face it, without your chain, you ain't going anywhere. So why, then, do we ignore our chains for so long? Chains have gotten so good over the past 10 years that it is easy to forget about them. But an ounce of prevention is worth a...
  15. Introduction
    Hey guys whats going on? Cool site here, decided to join and check it out. Hope you all like eating sushi.
  16. Pacific
    Since California is the only state that still allow this practice, it's appropriate to post it here I guess. http://www.whybike.com/motorcycle5.htm
  17. General
    ... now with pictures. http://lateralg.org/tips/apex.htm
  18. Classic Ninja 250
1-18 of 20 Results