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  1. Modifications
    hello I have a 2012 ninja 250r. I like the looks of the new 300 gauges and I was wondering if anyone has tried to use them or if its possible? any help is appreciated
  2. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Hey guys, I'm about to buy an '08 250 from a friend and the instrument cluster needs to be replaced. All the ones I've found on ebay are atleast $140. I would get one at a junk yard but so far haven't found any decent ones in south Florida. Thanks in advance.
  3. Technical
    i bought a new gauge and gotta everything hooked up but the rpm gauge. Now i have installed a koso on a yamaha i had however i cant remember how i did it heres what the china man sent me for info. RMP:you can connect it to trigger coil(Blue & White wire),this is more good,signal is more...
  4. Classic Ninja 250
    Is there any way to add a fuel gauge to my pregen? Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  5. Modifications
    Alright, so I have an acewell on order but I think I want to go a different route. What I'm looking for is any gauge pods or clusters from stock bikes (I'm assuming preferably another kawi) that I can either swap over to the 250 or just use the empty cluster and fit the 250 gauges in it. I'm...
1-5 of 5 Results