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  1. Classic Ninja 250
    Hey whats guys have anybody tried to put a different gas tank on the ex250. Im trying to build a tracker or a scrambler and im having trouble finding a tank? The one i have doesnt sit right. Thanks in advance
  2. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Girlfriend dropped her bike like a dingus and lost her keys for the tank. Looking to replace it. Please let me know!
  3. Maintenance
    I recently fell off my bike, it's a 2009 250 (not sure if it's an r) and am just now getting around to fixing it. When I try to turn it on I have to hold the start button for a few seconds until it gets to a comfortable idle or else it just shuts off. Under full choke it still idles very low and...
  4. Buy / Sell / Trade
    In need of a gas tank for my 2005 ninja 250r to be complete again and am really hoping somebody either has a tank I could buy or has information on if any other year tanks would work and information like that etc. Thanks in advance.
  5. Technical
    getting close to cranking the engine, run the fuel line, opened the petcock and gas pours out the overflow. thanks guys.
  6. Technical
    This is my first post to the forum so bare with me. I bought my first motorcycle ('09 250r) two weeks ago and I love it. Lots of fun, great gas mileage, looks awesome. I'm only having one issue. After riding the bike for a few miles I get a very loud whistling coming from the gas cap. There's a...
  7. New Riders
    So I bought my 250r about a week ago. The day after purchasing it I noticed the gas cap was open. Tried to close it and it won't stay closed, just pops right back up. I think I just need to turn the key so I can close it and turn the key again so it'll stay closed, problem is the key I have...
  8. General
    I've been looking to purchase my first bike. Looked at a 2011 special edition 250 today. Bike looks good and runs well except for some minor cosmetics. Of particular concern is a small chip in the gas tank that has rusted. I was wondering if this could become a bigger issue and how should it be...
  9. Classic Ninja 250
    Looking for a gas tank. Let me know if you have one or know where I can get one. eBay and CL has a lot of new gen one but no decent classic ones.
  10. North East
    Looking for a gas tank in decent condition in either blue or green or silver. Please let me know if you have one or know of a place I can get a used one from. Looking on eBay/ CL but no luck so far
  11. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Hello, I'm looking for a gas tank for my 2004 ninja. Pref in good shape and if it has the petcock, even better. Looking for either blue, green, silver.
  12. New Riders
    I noticed gas leaking from the petcock after riding. I took the gas out, the tank off, and ordered a used one from ebay. I put it on the tank, still off the bike, with a little bit of gas and the damn thing still leaks. Is there some other reason why a petcock would leak? It's a 2008 so it only...
  13. Classic Ninja 250
    Hey what's up guys? A couple of weeks ago, I decided to clean the carbs on my bike. After cleaning it really good, it was time to put everything back together which wasn't TOO bad until I got to the fuel tank. There are 3 hoses that connects to the tank. I know where the the one on the left...
  14. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I'm building a café racer but the tank we have is rusty. So I'm looking for a rust-free tank with very few dents. Don't really need a gas cap or petcock. Doesn't matter what color it is. Thanks!
  15. Technical
    So lately my bike has been dying out on me after giving it a quick twist of the throttle and also i have to leave my bike on reserve for the bike to run correctly… i have already taken out the carbs and sprayed them down with carb cleaners and they weren't to dirty but thats has been already...
  16. Technical
    I have a 250 r and im getting gas in my air box witch kills the bike I pulled the carb off and took it apart soaked everything in carb cleaner the needles look great and floats go up and down very easy but after putting everything back together im still getting gas in my air box don't know much...
  17. General
    I thought the information on this website was very interesting and educational. Much of the information many might have read or already know. However, as with any subject/topic dealing with different gasoline and additives, many will have their own experiences, opinions and expertise...
  18. Technical
    Disclaimer: I am by no means "mechanically inclined" and relatively new to motorcycle ownership. That being said, I need your help. I took out the air filter to see if it needed to be cleaned or replaced but was not prepared for what I found. The air filter smelled and appeared to be...
  19. Modifications
    To make it short, the gasket on my fuel cap was stale and cracked, so it would whistle loud. I heard from many people and a couple of sources that it was a normal thing, and some say that the vent line might be pinched under the tank. For me, the noise would stop if I pushed the cap down a...
  20. Technical
    I had it sitting for a month or so and now when I press the start button noting happens. If i pull the gas a bit and press the button then it starts no problem. Any ideas? Could it be Fi issue? Just to clarify this is the European model and its Fi 2009 model.
1-20 of 38 Results