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  1. General
    I downgraded from a 600 to a 2007 250 not long ago, and one particular thing really really different is how the bike handles cracks/trails/grooves on the freeway. It's almost nerve wrecking dealing with'em with a 250 with them skinny tires. Specially if there's a groove that runs diagonally...
  2. The New Ninja 250
    hey guys im a newer 250 owner but ive ridden motorcycles before... just had the 250 for a week and finally took it on the freeway. it seems to be really bouncy. i mean im a little guy only about 130lbs and i checked the rear shock setting and looks like it is on 1. it should be the softest...
  3. General
    I took my ninja on its first freeway ride on sunday.It seems that it revs high at 80 mph 9000 rpm.Is this normal? I believe it does this because its a small engine? correct me if Im wrong. Thanks for the help.
  4. General
    I'm about 140lbs and the 250 doesn't have a problem of hauling me around, even over 75mph. Of course, it doesn't have the instant power compare to my 600RR with 520 conversion and -1/+2 gearing. However, it does have enough power to pass cars at average freeway speed. "Enough" is subjective...
1-4 of 4 Results