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  1. Introduction
    hey everybody, new rider age 21 coming straight out of south florida! glad to be a part of your community!
  2. Introduction
    Hey guys! Just bought my first bike last night. A 2004 Ninja 250 with about 18k miles on it. Googled around for a good forum with 250/new riders as myself and stumbled upon 250R.net. A bit about me: I'm 19, very outgoing, and looking to gain knowledge and make friends on here.
  3. Introduction
    Hello everyone, my name is John im 18 year old and basically looking to get my first bike. After a little bit of research i have decided to go with a 250 ninja. I have not purchase the bike yet, BUT i found a bike on the local craigslist for a 09 ninja 250 for 1500 price is extremely low and i...
1-3 of 3 Results