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    You can only choose one or the other, can't have both. Vote and please explain why you voted that way. Give a reason for why you think your way is the most effective.
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    Hey all I just graduated today so now I can use the computers but just to let you all know I'll will only be able to use it on the weekend until I get my new laptop but until then I got to go to the libary here but for those who rode with me in my last ride in San Diego before I left here is a...
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    Hey guys and gals I'm leaving tomorrow morning for San Antonio, TX for the next 8 and half weeks, then to Washington state for 2 weeks, Florida for 5 days, and last but not least Mississippi for 56 days. I'll have my laptop after Texas. Try not to have to much fun without me.:ohyaaa
1-3 of 4 Results