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  1. South East
    let me know if you are anywhere in south florida! such as froward or miami dade counties!
  2. Introduction
    Hey guys (and gals), my name is James. I'm new to riding and am very excited to get going. I found this forum through KawiForums. I like the community there but there isn't as much 250 talk as I would like. A friend of mine is about to sell me his '08 Ninja prolly by next weekend. Tomorrow...
  3. Introduction
    Its wet and windy down here in "Sunny" South West Florida. I traded an AR-15 for a nice looking but non-running 1998 250 Ninja and will be picking it up on Tuesday. I'm a relatively old guy who has owned over 80 motorcycles in the past (lost count). I bought a 2005 Ninja 250 for my son who...
  4. Introduction
    Hi, I've had my new Kawasaki Ninja 250 for about 2 months now. I absolutely love it. It's not only great on gas, but lots of fun to ride around on. I've explored a lot of roads around me here in Florida and love the back county roads. My bike has become my daily driver and put my poor car on...
  5. The New Ninja 250
    Any Florida riders around? I have an 09 Ninja and I'm looking for a couple of people to go riding with Sent from my SGH-T989 using Motorcycle.com Free App
  6. General
    Hey, wanted to give the 250r community heads up that there is a movement to bring a 250r racing class to the CCS Florida region. There are a few riders who have already purchased 250r's and are doing track day / race day testing in hopes of running the class in 2012 forward. please see...
  7. Introduction
    sup! lets see im 23 and live in south florida, i dont have a bike yet lol but ive wanted one for a few years and i finally said ok ill get one. so im gonna get the msf course soon get my bike license and finally get a bike! ive been reading up on just bikes in general i guess and read alot that...
1-7 of 7 Results