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  1. Technical
    I highsided last year and the rearset (the right bracket holding the foot peg and rear brake setup) snapped in half. I'm a dummy so I still rode it, but hey, at least I learned how to max engine brake perfectly. Anyways, what's my best option for finding a cheap replacement? I live in...
  2. The New Ninja 250
    I have a 2011 ninja. The tail is busted to all hell and I've been looking for a replacement. The problem is, I can't find the same color. I can find black, but on my bike it's like a black textured matte. I did find the single sided tail fairings, but this is all one solid piece and thats what...
  3. Classic Ninja 250
    Greetings! I'm on my 2nd EX250, a basement find that had been idle for 15 years, and I'm stumped on how to deal with a bad stumble from 6K to 8K. 1992 model unipod filter in unmodified airbox F1 slipons New battery stock jets, 1 washer shim, air/fuel screws dialed out 3.25 turns...
  4. General
    If you are looking for great places to ride here are a few maps designed for bikers showing some the best roads in the U.S., Ontario, Canada, and Australia. http://www.motorcycleroads.us/index.html http://bikeroads.atspace.com/...
  5. The New Ninja 250
    I am looking for the Koso RX2 gauge plus the koso voltmeter. I for the life of me can't find these in the states. I also gotta figure out how to get the bracket and full setup so everything will be ready for installation. Any help would be appreciated!
1-5 of 5 Results